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Share the Love this February

Next month, Park & Jet is sharing the love by making sure we do more than park and shuttle our customers to and from Philadelphia Airport. We're looking to be a part of the community that we live in and serve.

This February, Park & Jet will donate 10% of all online parking reservations to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

We're so excited to raise funds and awareness for this local program. For those who are unaware, the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House supports families with seriously ill children while they are at the hospital. By meeting their basic needs a comfortable room, nightly home-cooked meals, van rides to the hospital, children's play spaces, and the support of others who understand they help parents sleep a little easier each night, knowing they can focus on what really matters: their child's health. At Park & Jet, we are so thankful for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, and we want to help offset their costs with our fundraiser this February.

How you can help!

Make a parking reservation on our website, Facebook page, or email promotion in the month of February to be a part of this fundraiser.

What if your trip is after the month of February? Not a problem! Regardless when your trip leaves, you need only make your parking reservation in the month of February to make it count towards this fundraiser.

Maybe you don't know the next time you'll need PHL Airport Parking. No worries! If you want to donate directly to this cause, simply click the "Donate Now" button below, and 100% of those funds will be given directly to the Ronald McDonald House.

Make your parking reservation today and be a part of this fundraiser!

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